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Projects & Services

Jasa Kontrol provide the following services on customs projects:

  • PLC Software Programming
  • SCADA / HMI System
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Control & Instrumentation
  • Hardware Installation
  • Project Management / Hardware Engineering

Our engineering services thus includes the following details:

  • Troubleshooting for PLCs, Machines, Systems and Control Panel.
  • Minor & Major modification of logics for existing PLC and HMI .
  • Site Installation & Wiring Modification
  • Maintenance & Service Contracts.
  • Training for Siemens PLC Programming; S5 & S7.
  • Training for Siemens DCS Programming; PCS 7 & SPPA T3000.
  • Training for Siemens SCADA & HMI; WinCC & WinCC Flexible.

PLC Software Programming

Depending on your needs, we have solution to programme a system for any high or low application and any type of industries. Our solution are not limited since we able to incorporate with broad ranges of application using safety system, batch system, plant control system, any type of communication path such as Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus, Modbus protocol. We also will provides the upgrading option for your system to ensure it’s updated and on par with current technology.

SCADA / HMI System

Our portfolio of SCADA / HMI System will provides you the best solution required to monitor and control the whole system of your plant operation. Either for control panel monitoring or for operator panel monitoring.

Testing & Commissioning

We capable of doing complete testing & commissioning for machine / plant to ensure the accuracy, safety and reliability of the hardware and software system before and after machine / plant start to operate.

Control & Instrumentation

We provide instrument calibration and maintenance at site as well as provide upgrading options to ensure your system are updated and able to perform at its best.

Hardware Installation

We have vast technical experience in installing instrument and electrical devices at site as well as supply and manufacture electrical control panel. This include design, assembly and wiring according to OEM standards, general hardware arrangement for electrical device such as terminal block, circuit breaker, fuse, UPS system, proper labelling marker together with continuity check before FAT.

Project Management & Engineering Design

Our capabilities in managing project are reliable. We have adequate resources of materials and strong teamwork to work on project whether on site or in house engineering. We capable to design system and provide documentation that will help vendor and client to understand their system better.

At Jasa Kontrol Sdn. Bhd, we are committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of its employees, suppliers, end users, as well as the protection of company assets and the environment. A corporate culture is developed in which HSE is equally important to all business activities, to ensure that all activities are carried out in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner.